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RIPE новости

март 24, 2010

RIPE NCC Operated K-Root Server Distributing Root Zone Signed with DNSSEC

K-root, one of the 13 root name servers, distributing the root zone signed with DNSSEC as part of a global deployment plan that will see all 13 root zone servers signed by 1 July 2010.
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февраль 25, 2010

Be Heard! APNIC Community Consultation

Internet address management may be on the brink of change. The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) is studying the creation of an alternative International Internet Registry model to operate in parallel to the existing RIR model.
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февраль 24, 2010

AS Number Assignment to the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC recently requested that it be allowed to assign an Autonomous System (AS) Number to itself for its DNS services.
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февраль 3, 2010

ASO Call for Comments on Nominees for ICANN Board Seat

Following a public nomination period that closed on 10 January 2010, the ASO Address Council (ASO AC) selected the final set of candidates to fill the ASO seat on the ICANN Board. This seat is currently held by Raimundo Beca, whose term expires in April 2010.
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Январь 14, 2010

ICANN Calls for Applicants

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has issued a call for applicants for the position of Volunteer Review Team Member.
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Декабрь 16, 2009

RIPE NCC Confirms Commitment to DNSSEC Deployment in the Root Zone

On 1 December 2009, ICANN and VeriSign began to deploy DNSSEC across the root server system when they signed the root zone using DNSSEC.
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Ноября 26, 2009

RIPE NCC and ARIN Issue Joint Statement on ASN Assignment Discrepancies

Recent discussion on the NANOG mailing list has highlighted some issues with the Autonomous System Number (ASN) range AS1707-AS1726. ARIN and the RIPE NCC have worked together to produce the following analysis of what happened and a plan to resolve these issues moving forward.
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Ноябрь 16, 2009

RIPE NCC Launches IPv6 Implementation Guide

With just over 10% of IPv4 address space left, the RIPE NCC launches How to Act Now - a guide to making IPv6 deployment simple.
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